What you can do with Blitline

Blitline started out as simply an online replacement for common opensource image processing tools. Standard operations such as resizing, watermarking, perceptive hashing (for de-duping), colorspacing, and all at a very high scale for millions of images an hour.

It then expanded its supported formats base to include virtually all document types (not just images) so you can process/rasterize PDF, Adobe Documents, Microsoft Documents, Videos, and just about any document you can preview in a file system. This made Blitline very useful for many Digital Asset Management (D.A.M) systems that need to present UI for various random file types.

What makes Blitline so useful is that we have such a broad spectrum of functionality, that we have the simple stuff you need when you are just starting out, and we have the complicated stuff you may not even realize you need until you reach certain points in your applications evolution (such as tools for de-duping, color analysis, image tagging). We even provide the ability to run your own IM scripts at scale on our machines.

Blitline even offers custom functionality when you have a special need that we can address. Our extensible system allows us to provide unique custom operations for customers with particular needs that want to run stuff on our massively parallel system.

Lastly, Blitline does all of this for an exceptionally low price. Many people never even exceed the 'free' tier we offer. When you do need more processing power, subscriptions come at a nominal monthly base fee and then you are billed per job. We think you'll end up spending less on Blitline than you would building your own system (even if you use free opensource software). We manage all the headaches, like scaling, software updates, system hardening, and failovers.

Don't forget too that Blitline is built to scale so when your processing needs grow, we are ready to handle them.