Signed Urls

If you are using an alternative storage solution (e.g. Google, Rackspace, etc), Blitline supports the use of signed_urls. Many of these services, offer the ability to sign a url for uploading, which can then be used by Blitline for uploading your final images to them.

The benefit of this is that you do not need to give Blitline any permissions to your services. The signed url contains all the information necessary.


You must be able to generate a signed_url on your own. We (Blitline) cannot generate it for you. Most modern SDKs for the various services allow for creation of these signed_urls


To use these signed urls with Blitline, the signed_url sits within an signed_destination like this:

  "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
  "src": "",
  "postback_url": "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL",
  "functions": [
      "name": "blur",
      "save": {
        "image_identifier": "YOUR_IMAGE_IDENTIFIER",
        "signed_destination": {
          "signed_url": "",
          "headers": {
            "Content-Type": "image/jpg"



Note: Headers are often not required, there are just in this as an example

If you signed a url with headers, you must include those same headers in the signed_destination


You can also use this on AWS S3 as a way of managing permissions without setting an IAM policy on the website.