Implementing newer better pHash option

Our old phash fuctionality relied on an older Linux library named pHash which hasn't been supported or updated for numerous years.

Added 3d model support

We are adding the ability to process OBJ and STL models, individually or inside .zip files.

Changing SVG rendering

On March 25, 2023, we are updating how we manager SVG files to use Chromium rendering instead of older unsupported vector libraries. Apache Batik use is being removed.

Added .hdr filetype support

Various bug fixes for non image formats
Added .HDR file support

Added Low Bandwidth Video Keyframes

Added the ability to get keyframes from video without downloading whole video. This can save you money on transfer costs from cloud providers.

Added support for AVIF filetypes

Added support for AVIF filetypes (both import and export)