Saving your Outputs

Blitline uses a concept of "destinations" to identify where output images/files will be stored.

There are 4 primary services we support for output

  • S3
  • Azure
  • Google
  • FTP


If you do not specify a destination, we will save most files automatically into our own S3 filesystem. These files have a short lifespan so don't rely on them sticking around, there are only there for short-term debugging/testing purposes.


With S3 we support uploading natively. You can add you IAM credentials in Blitline and we will use your credentials when uploading your file.

Getting started with S3 Destinations


We support FTP natively but require a username and password to upload your files

AZURE, GOOGLE, other filestores

We support these service through the use of signed URLs. You can tell Blitline the final location of where to put your files by setting the destination_url to be a signed URL.

Getting started with Azure Destinations

Getting started with Other Destinations