Additional Cost Warning

This functionality has ADDITIONAL COSTS associated with it. See pricing details.

Video transcoding is much more intensive than regular image processing. See our pricing page: https://www.blitline.com/v4/home/pricing

Each video duration is rounded UP to the nearest minute. 
Currently we only support pre-set transcoding options​

This means that you can tell us the "src" of the video, and choose one of the pre-set trancoding options, and an s3_destination and we will perform the transcoding and upload it to your destination.

To transcode a video, you must submit a job with a "pre_process" and a "trancode" node with various options. The results will be similar to a regular job result, with a "video" result, instead of an "image" result. Meta data will be included with all results.

For example, submiting a job:

  "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
  "src": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/blitdoc/gifs/superbowl.gif",
  "src_type": "pre_process_only",
  "v" : 1.22,
  "postback_url" : "YOUR_POSTBACK_URL",
  "pre_process": [
      "transcode": {
        "preset_id" : "System preset generic 720p",
        "video_identifier" : "toms_video",
        "s3_destination" : {
            "bucket" : "YOUR_BUCKET",
            "key" : "grumpy_squirrel/transcoded_out.mp4"

The "transcode" node must contain a "preset_id" from the list of  Trancoding Video Presets.